The Art of Shaving Explained and it’s not just for Men

It is believed that 100,000 years ago the first razor was made out of a Clams shell and was used to shave early mans beards. The thought of shaving a woman’s legs with a sharp Clam shell only brings one thought to mind, ouch. Flash forward to modern day and you find different levels of shaving available to every person and hair type.










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Is Shaving an Art

Shaving is absolutely an Art and the finest example of this art comes straight from the Barber Shops. Men highly value a good shave and a skilled Barber is just as important to a man as finding a good mechanic. Yet for women who are usually on the go a Shave is something that is done quickly and often gotten out of the way. So, the Art of Shaving is changing this landscape as better products and treatments for women have risen.

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A woman’s legs

Nothing speaks more of a woman’s sensuality than the smooth look and feel of lady’s soft legs. This is why new treatments such as laser or chemical hair removal have tried to transform the hair removal industry for women. Yet there is something about the razor that still provides that fast and clean way to achieve the desired smoothness. Enter the products such as Kiehl’s which has been around since 1851.

Not your regular Shave cream or hard soap, Kiehl’s is magic. A watery smoothness that allows for the razor to glide over the skin with the utmost of ease.

Now more than ever, women have tuned to these secrets of hair removal called the Art of Shaving and are finding that some of these men’s products work better than those designed for women. So, go ahead, give Kiehl’s a try and know that this article is in no way related to or sponsored by this magical brand. Enjoy the Art of Shaving.

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