Dose Of Colors Foundation

Dose of Colors is the staple of Vegan and Cruelty-Free Makeup. Without naming other brands I will say that my experience with Vegan Foundations has not been so pleasant. One particular brand was really great and provided a silky-smooth texture but after a short time on the skin it seemed to look more like a paste than a silky foundation. Enter Dose of Colors Foundation and my mind was quickly changed to a positive outlook on Vegan and Cruelty-Free Makeup

Foundation not Paste

Many of Dose of Colors competitors have a hard time matching quality, texture and their formulas chemical breakdown over use. While plant-based products are essentially much better for the skin companies still find it challenging to combat their formulas decay. The end result is a Foundation with a decline in shelve life due to it change over time and effectiveness.

Does of Colors Foundation lasts

As time goes on Dose of Foundation seems to have mastered the control of this formula decay with a line of foundations that perform extraordinarily well. The key is the look and feel the foundation has after hours of use. While many others start to look more like oil paint on the skin this Product line holds its line.

It is very admirable that despite the formula challenges companied such as Dose of Colors have faced they have also emerged as leaders in Vegan makeup. Highly recommended and good for your skin as well as you soul.




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