Ulta Beauty Near Me now

Yes that’s right! I want an Ulta Beauty near me now and thankfully new stores are opening everywhere. A major competitor to Sephora, Ulta has become a staple of every Beauty professionals monthly go to store.  With products from Estee Lauder to Morphe, Ulta offers varied assortments of high-end makeup lines.

The cure to counterfeits

The Makeup Industry has fallen victim to the Global counterfeit market with many of today’s top makeup lines being copied and sold in street markets. But consumers beware, research has shown that knock offs can contain lead and even rat poison. The result is skin infections and major acne and unfortunately most people just live with it before questioning their makeup products.

Ulta protects your skin

Ulta guarantees that the products you purchase are the real thing. That is why it is highly suggested that you toss anything you purchased in a street market and start all over again. If you are or have been experiencing bad acne or skin rashes stop and look at what you are putting on your face and skin. Chances are you most likely are hurting your own skin with bad products.

It is highly recommended that you visit an Ulta and don’t be afraid to speak with one of their knowledgeable staff.

Remember, what you put on your skin to keep it healthy is just as important as the quality of the makeup that you use as well.



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