In the Tall Grass lacks diversity

Because there are no African Americans in the South this Stephen King adaptation has a more terrifying message than a strange kid inside a grass field. A completely white cast unless I blinked and missed a token somewhere in the film. Stephen Kings original writings tell a fantasy story of a world where there are no other races on the planet except for Caucasian who travel by car through the south only to be trapped by a small Caucasian kid.

Would the story work with non-whites

I can make the argument that perhaps an African American wouldn’t be dumb enough to run into a field with screams coming from some unknown person inside it. Yet this film doesn’t even give it a chance as it seems the decision to cast Caucasian started with the writer himself. No the Director is the Auteur and could have also made the decision to interpret the roles but also decided that the most ethnic they would get was casting a Canadian.

The film falls apart

The film not only smells of a low budget as it is cheap to shoot in one place when all you have is the same grass as your backdrop. In fact if you let your lawn grow long enough you could make the same movie in your front yard. But of course, finding a diverse cast such as this would have proved a bit of a challenge unless you live in Stephen Kings world. Adaptation is a very slippery slope when taking on the project of a literary genius.

It is the job of the Director to update the work and make it relevant to his/her modern day. Perhaps this director needs to find another profession because this was one big miss that seriously crashed this film.



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