Camille Rowe Styles

Cherry,” “Falling,” and “To Be So Lonely,” are the three songs Harry Styles wrote to process the breakup of his ex-Camille Rowe.  A bit obsessed, seems a bit too much I mean I can understand one song “I don’t f with you’ but three songs. The sign of truly not having anything else better to consume your day with than processing feelings for an old flame is sad in itself. Let’s look at the breakup chemistry and let’s tear it apart.

The Rockstar Life

If you haven’t yet learned about a true Rockstar life, then I highly suggest you watch Mark Wahlberg’s movie “Rockstar.” Because after you do you will surely be playing the world smallest violin for Harry Styles. Rock stars flip through women faster than most people change their socks.

Public relationships are just surface interludes while the real debauchery happens behind closed doors.

The breakup ups

On the outside fans eat up this sad song about Camille Rowe as if it really mattered to Styles. In reality Rowe was the last thing on his mind as he capitalized on their brief escapade to drop some lyrics. The winner here is Styles because he actually convinced fans to buy his songs on a notion that he actually gave a you know what about one girl. The sad melancholy of breakups is a true waste of human life. Emotions out of control sucking your experiences away from you for pretty much no reason other than to make sense of a rejection. The world needs to learn from Rockstars who reach a level in their own world where experiences wash away any negative feelings of rejection and the echoing encouragement in their minds are the words…thank you next.



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