How Tall is Olaf

Why would anyone care how tall Olaf is well I have to tell you that more people than you think. Enter the age of the Disney Super Fans and the magic is in the details of all things Disney. According to Google Olaf is 5 Feet 4 Inches but that seems really off. If you look at any Frozen ensemble cast picture you would see that it would make Elsa and Anna ten feet tall!

The Disney Super-fan

Season Tickets are a must, Disney shirts, pins and anything dating back to the man himself Walt Disney is game. The Disney Superfan can be found in every line within a Disney park on any given day of the week. Living the Disney dream 385 days a year is the goal of these wild for Mickey individuals. And as odd as it may seem for some I truly congratulate them on choosing to live their life with as much Disney magic as possible.

Kids are born Super-fans

It’s a no brainer, kids are what truly bring the magic to the Kingdom. Without kids these parks would just dull away and the magic would go under appreciated. To see Disney through the eyes of a child is to see magic happening right before your eyes. The Magic Kingdom is truly a magical place and one that can be experienced over and over again throughout a person’s life. So how tall is Olaf, the answer is that Olaf is as tall as the sky in the eyes of any child.



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