Kiwi Farms Onision

I just watched Onision’s video posted on Kiwi Farms where he addressed his actions of burning the bible and dancing on the bible. Obviously he upset a lot of people. Who is Onision you may ask well in his own way he is a Social Media Influencer. Best known for being and Atheist and a Vegan and according to the posters on his back walls likes Anime. But what is this big conversation he is having with himself and others about the bible.  Let’s take a glance.

Onision Preaches against the Bible and its followers

He’s not wrong Onision, he’s basically calling out members of Bible based religions and asking them to step forward “he who is without sin.” So in a very strong way Onision is actually doing the work of the bible in that he is asking for its followers to practice what they worship. It’s actually quite fascinating because if you do happen to enter a Bible based church you will find that all Pastors struggle to get the same exact message across. This message is don’t be a hypocrite and practice what you follow. So in essence Onision would actually be applauded if he was onstage saying the exact same thing inside a Bible based church.

The Bible

It’s not about the bible. The bible itself is not sacred even if Trump gassed a Minister and Peaceful Protestors to hold one up in front of a Church for a picture. The Bible is not the American flag, it’s just a book and you can do whatever you want with its cover and pages. Prop up your laptop with one if you like. The value of the Bible is actually in the words. The words of a bible cannot be burned or danced upon because they have a life of their own that transcends all material things. A supernatural accumulation of words with deep meaning that is designed to be interpreted, discussed, challenged and followed. So remember, the words of the bible become even stronger when a famous voice brings them to everyone’s attention. So thank you Onision for mentioning the true word of god in your own way. To my readers, well you might even pick up a bible for yourself and try reading it like he did.



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