Dolly Parton Husband

When you see a couple do things the right way it should serve as a lesson to others. Carl Dean is an average Joe and Dolly Parton loves him exactly that way. Married over fifty years you can say that this is one very successful Country Start success story. So what are the dynamics that allowed a super star like Dolly Parton to live happily ever?

Dolly Parton is in Love

Really is boils down to that. Dolly never placed a bunch of requirements onto the person she would love and be with. In fact she placed zero requirements at all. As long and Carl Dean made her happy and he was happy both could deal with anything that life threw at them. Now we know that no couple is without its arguments but this pair certainly knew how to work things out.

Shunning the Spotlight

An interesting fact about Carl Dean is that he went out of his way to stay out of the spotlight. While he supported Dolly completely in her career he had no interest in sharing the fame. Instead dean preferred to run an Asphalt company and kept his life simple despite his wife’s fame. It is beautiful to see that neither Dolly nor Carl ever had to sacrifice their integrity or respect towards one another for the sake of a career or fame. This is truly what I would call a true Country romance story ending.



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