Harry Potter House Quiz

With so much recently controversy by Author J.K Rowling and her statements towards Transsexuals it is easy to make a quiz to know exactly what you will not find inside the Hogwarts House on Pottermore. Let’s take a look from the eyes of our current climate that searches towards equality.

  1. Are there any LGBTQ characters in any of the Harry Potter movies?

Answer: Hell no. J.K. Rowling’s world is predominately Caucasian controlled and definitely not LGBTQ friendly.


  1. Now that she has been ousted will the future Harry Potter movies feature LGBTQ characters?

Answer: Oh hell no, J.K. Rowling’s says she respects anyone’s choice of identity but she reserves her right to her own opinion.

  1. Will J.K Rowlings ever allow equality at Hogwarts House on Pottermore?

Answer: I would say not. J.K. Rowling is part of the old world creative artist like Stephen King that created scary worlds by eliminating all races but caucasion. Of course, with the occasional token characters played by Asian’s and African Americans.

  1. Will Harry Potter ever feature a Non-Binary character?

Answer:  Don’t hold your breath. Old habits die hard and unfortunately these powerful authors will never change their perspectives.

  1. Should I even care about the Harry Potter House?

Answer: Not really, the stories are those told of yesterday by old people of yesterday. While the work is creative nothing stops a person of any gender or race from creating their own. Perhaps these new stories will better match our generation.

It is up to the new generation of writers to write over these stories that told of only Caucasian males that could save the day. Far from the reality of life where people from all genders and colors can accomplish anything they dream too.



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