Nick Cannon Eminem

So it appears that Nick Cannon and Eminem had a strange feud/bro romance with each other for years and all because of Mariah Carey. Sure each has been out of the spotlight for quite some time but it just shows that even the famous can irritate each other. This all seemed to start because Eminem rapped about his relationship with Mariah and her then husband Nick Cannon did not approve.

Eminem raps like a child with no filter

Ever been around a child that really doesn’t think before he speaks? Well it eventually gets really annoying and you really just tune them out. Apparently Nick’s parenting skills had a really long way to go as he just couldn’t tune out Eminem. Eminem is a rapper known for saying outrages things for the shock factor and higher form of entertainment. No doubt this rapper will eventually become a music hall of famer as his unique style mirrored Howard Stern only if he could rhyme.

My parent’s music

Well my parent’s music such as Eminem and Mariah Carey still holds a place in my heart. Their songs remind me of a time when I would drive around in a booster seat and could see my parents bouncing or singing along. It’s interesting to think that during these times that these artists would occupy themselves with such indifferences. I suppose we see similar scenarios today as I recall Cardi B throwing her slipper at some other artists during some argument. Well it happens, and I suppose this part could be just as much part of entertainment as the songs.



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