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Growing up I was always that girl with the dark circles under my eyes. I was able to cover it up with concealer most of my life but that didn’t help and what I saw privately in the mirror every day was just darkness. I tried many products, makeups and even Botox to eliminate the dark circles, puffiness and creases I was getting under each eye. This condition led to makeup that never quite looked flawless and I never could imagine what it would be like to have flawless skin. The journey that lead me to Dermix Medical Aesthetics Group for a magical transformation treatment was not a straight path.

The Other Under Eye Treatments

Home remedies were a must and the potatoes under the eyes did bring down the puffiness but didn’t make a real difference with the darkness.

Before CarboxyTherapy

I also used hot water and coffee grounds under the eye and that did help a bit with the dark circles, but they would quickly re-appear.

I tried Botox and it only seemed to help for about a week before the creases under my eyes and the puffiness returned. The Botox did nothing for the dark circles and I continued to use concealer to hide that dark under eye shade.

Patty Gamba Licensed Clinician and Esthetician

When it comes to my face I am very sensitive and always do my research by checking yelp, google and anything else I can find when I research a new treatment center.

Patty Gamba, Licensed Clinician and Esthetician

Patty Gamba and Dermix Medical Aesthetics Group came with great reviews and previous clients noted that she consistently certified for state of the art treatments.

“Patty is known for truly caring about her clients needs and really takes the time to evaluate each clients personal goals.”

Dermix Medical Aesthetics Group CarboxyTherapy Treatment

The reason why I went to Dermix Medical Aesthetics Group was specifically for the CarboxyTherapy that many reviews had noted was effective in treating the under eye circles. Upon first Evaluation Patty made me feel incredibly comfortable and she really took the time to evaluate my skin and present me with a good solution and a plan. The first CarboxyTherapy treatment felt awkward like as if someone had numbed my entire gum line.

The discomfort did not last very long and the swelling around my eyes went down completely before I even left the clinic. On the drive home I could already see the dark circles fading away to my amazement and joy.

Patty Provides Skin Solutions

By my second visit I had already recommended Patty to many of my personal friends and also the CarboxyTherapy she provided. It didn’t take long for Patty to really understand my desired goal to look fresh and natural without foundation. Patty went well beyond the scheduled treatment and gave me a sample of the Dermix Acne BPO Gel 10% With Sulfur product that they offered.

Dermix Acne BPO Gel 10% With Sulfur

Let me tell you the gel worked wonders on my acne and I used it successfully as a spot treatment for those stubborn blemishes.

While I have historically kept my treatments in the West Hollywood and Beverly Hills areas this is one Esthetician and practice that transcends the 310 in quality and care.



Written by: Claudia Funk

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